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Privacy Policy

Animais de Rua

In Animais de Rua, we treat your data with great care. Our goal is to be transparent regarding the data we collect and provide you the control over your information and how it can be used.

This privacy policy will provide you information about:

Where we collect your data

Your personal data is collected in the following circumstances:

  • When you provide us your data directly. That is, when you:
    • Make a donation;
    • Use our services;
    • Buy one of our products;
    • Take part in an event;
    • Show interest in becoming our employee or volunteer;
    • Contact us with any question;
    • Apply animals you protect to our TNR program;
    • Seek our help;
  • When you provide us your data indirectly:
    • You may provide us your information whenever you take part in an event organized by another entity that counts with the collaboration of Animais de Rua. Animais de Rua’s partners, in the mentioned eventuality, will always ask for your consent, in Animais de Rua's name.
  • When you use Animais de Rua’s social media:
    • When you use our services on the social networks Facebook and Instagram, your privacy definitions may provide us access to your information. These cookies provide us detailed information on how our users use our social networks. You can see and change your definitions in each of the following social media:
      • Facebook
      • Instagram
  • When your information is in the public domain:
    • We may obtain your information whenever you advertise it, or through the media.
  • When we collect information through our website.
    • Cookies
      • Cookies are small data files that although created in our platforms, are stored in your computer devices. Our platforms can interpret these data and are used exclusively to make your visit to our website simpler and dedicated to your needs. The cookies we use serve to help you navigate through our platforms.
    • Newsletter subscription
      • The option to subscribe to our newsletter is available on our website. Animais de Rua uses an extern system to send massive emails to our newsletter subscribers.
    • Online store
      • Animais de Rua's online store provides an e-commerce solution that uses third-parties platforms so that you can make your payment in a simple and convenient way. Cookies may be used to facilitate this service in a more effective and safer way. In Animais de Rua’s online store you may also have to create an account; by making this registration you are thus providing us your data.
    • By visiting Animais de Rua’s website, you will also provide us your dynamic IP address.
      • In Animais de Rua’s website, and other platforms such as social media, we may present or suggest you visit other platforms addresses or websites that are not our responsibility.
    • Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google AdWords.
      • The cookies Animais de Rua collects through google analytics are merely to monitor website traffic. You can find more information about google analytics’ cookies here.

What personal data do we collect?

Personal data:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Residence country
  • Birthdate
  • Dynamic IP address


How do we use your data?

There are 6 legal bases for processing your data; to Animais de Rua only 3 of them apply:

  • Contract
    • There is always a contractual relationship between Animais de Rua's service and platform users and Animais de Rua itself, therefore, as an involved party, you have associated rights and duties.
  • Legitimate interest
    • Animais de Rua only uses your data for legitimate purposes and is committed to always consider your rights and to minimize the impact of any breaches of your privacy.
  • Consent
    • The information is only processed based on your explicit consent.

We use your data on:

  • Marketing and Fundraising
    • Animais de Rua uses your data for marketing and fundraising purposes, only within the scope of the association or its partners activities. (see marketing and consent section)
  • TNR Program Applications
    • Whenever you have in any way provided your consent or your data, we will process them towards implementing the TNR program.
  • Services Provision and Sales
    • Whenever you require Animais de Rua’s services, towards following up on your request, we will always process your data.

Marketing and consent

Animais de Rua will only send you communications that may be of interest to you, these communications can be for advertising or fundraising but also to transmit to news about the association.

Whenever you sign up for our newsletter you will receive an email where your consent will be needed so that you can receive our information. In every communication we send you, there’s the possibility to eliminate your data of our database, and by so you will stop receiving our information. In case this communication is made by a direct email, you can also respond with your wish to stop receiving our information.

Our massive e-mails will always be sent through our email address [email protected].


If we share your data with third parties

Animais de Rua will never send your data to third parties for marketing reasons or others.

We may share your contact with third parties for percussion of our ends such as newsletter's services (Sendinblue), payments in our online store (Paypal), and our hosting service (Site Fácil).

The security of your data

Your data protection rights are in agreement with the General Data Protection Regulation in force since May 25, 2018.

Your rights are:

  • Being informed if your data is being stored, processed or transferred;
  • Have access to your data and information;
  • The possibility to correct your data;
  • The right to see your data eliminated from our database or from third parties to whom we provide them;
  • The right to process restriction. It is your right to limit the way we process your data;
  • The right to portability. This right, due to the services provided, does not apply to Animais de Rua;
  • The right to objection;
  • The right to know and to be explained if your data is being segmented and for what reasons.


For how long do we store your data?

Animais de Rua will store your data for the time necessary to pursue the purposes for which the data was collected.

What to do in case you have any questions or concerns?

Whenever you want any clarification you should contact Animais de Rua by e-mail [email protected].