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How you can help

Animais de Rua relies solely on the contributions of people and institutions that share our vison and believe in the importance of our work defending and protecting animals. Any help is most welcome!




If you love animals and have some free time, come and join us! We have different types of volunteering and tasks available, both in the streets and behind the computer; look up which ones you would like to try.

Porto/Vila Nova de Gaia, Lisboa/Sintra, Faro and S. Miguel areas:

Trapping (requires training); Clinics and colonies' runs and lifts; Post-op care; Fostering; Organizing and participating in fundraising events; School presentations with our education programme; Photography and video, etc.


Social media management; Graphic design; Campaings and events' developing; Public Relations; Translating work (Portuguese-English and English-Portuguese); Data management.

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Be our Friend

Animais de Rua helps thousands of animals living in the streets, neutering them so they can't reproduce, tretaing them whem they are sick and feeding them.

From as little as 3€ per month, you can subscribe Animais de Rua's Friend's card and help us reaching more animals. The annual card offers you discounts and special deals in many animal friendly companies that support our work.

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Contribute to our work by calling us: 760 300 161 (0,60€ + VAT)

Become a Member

If you'd like to become a member of Animais de Rua, please contact us for more information at [email protected]


Adopt or Sponsor

Have you thought about adding to the Family? By adopting a dog or cat at risk, you will be saving a life and you'll be rewarded with limitless love and gratefulness from an animal that has met life's rougher edges.

Even if you can't take an animal home, your donation allows us to neuter and treat an animal with no family and thus improving their life tremendously, as we stop more animals being born to live and suffer on the street.

Sponsoring has no minimum value; we accept and thank you for any ammount you may be able to contribute to help us help.

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Pretty and useful merchandising. All profits go to our work all across the country.


Our products


You can sponsor the neutering or medical treatment of an animal through a bank, MB Way or Paypal transfer to Animais de Rua's account (in this case, please contact us by email to [email protected] and send us the payment receipt):

Bank Transfer:

Banco Best - Porto; 
Account number: 9212 0124 0009; 
NIB: 0065 0921 00201240009 31; 
IBAN: PT50 0065 0921 0020 1240 0093 1 

Transferência Bancária:

Banco Best - Porto; 
N.º Conta: 9212 0124 0009; 
NIB: 0065 0921 00201240009 31; 
IBAN: PT50 0065 0921 0020 1240 0093 1 

MBWay: 910136030

Paypal: Click here


You can also offer us in-kind donations (please contact [email protected]):

  • Traps, carriers and cages; dog and cat food (we prefer medium quality food, even if less); 
  • Internal and external deworming (for both cats and dogs); 
  • Plastic dog houses for animals that have nowhere to shelter.