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Animais de Rua

Animais de Rua is an organization that helps thousands of stray animals, neutering them so they don’t reproduce, providing medical care when they are sick, and feeding them. We promote a peaceful coexistence between animals and people, respecting both animal welfare and public health.

About Us

Hoje é um grande dia para a causa animal!

Lançamos a Iniciativa dos Cidadão Europeus #FurFreeEurope, pedindo à Europa que:

🦊🚫 Proíba as fábricas de peles
🛍🚫 Proíba os produtos de fábricas de peles no mercado europeu

Esta é a nossa oportunidade de fazer história e acabar com as perigosas, antiéticas e insustentáveis fábricas de peles.
✍➡ Assina aqui para que possamos atingir este objetivo juntos!

Mais informações em

  • Educational Project

    Educational Project

    <p>We have developed an educational school project with the aim of transmitting to the youngest the values of compassion and respect for animal lives.</p>

  • AR + CA Partnership

    AR + CA Partnership

    <p>Families in need and homeless people have been increasing exponentially in Portugal and solidarity associations witness this battle closely in a constant effort to attend to, at least, these families&rsquo; basic needs.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;</p>

  • Faro Beach Project

    Faro Beach Project

    <p>Partnering with Change For Animals Foundation, Dogs Trust, Universidade Lus&oacute;fona and C&acirc;mara Municipal of Faro, we have developed the Faro Beach, a community project pioneer worldwide, aiming for a better quality of life for the animals and their relationships with the residents.</p>

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