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Animais de Rua

Animais de Rua is an organization that helps thousands of stray animals, neutering them so they don’t reproduce, providing medical care when they are sick, and feeding them. We promote a peaceful coexistence between animals and people, respecting both animal welfare and public health.

Animais de Rua is a training provider certified by DGERT.

In 2023, regarding the work carried out over the last 15 years, Animais de Rua has received public utility status.


Who are we

The problem resulting from the superpopulation of stray animals in Portugal is a reality. Animal rescue and shelter organizations (important and necessary to solve the problem of animals that already exist) do not have the financial or the human resources to tackle the fundamental problem of the many hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats that continuously reproduce in the public domain.

These animals live without access to basic health care, sufficient food, shelter or comfort, and they are victims of hunger, disease and abuse, condemned to short and sad lives.

Animais de Rua was created precisely to try to alleviate the suffering of these animals and to prevent others to be born under the same conditions. We direct our efforts and resources not only to the promotion of animals’ welfare but also to the defence of public health, as well as people’s safety and comfort.

Activity report


Social Entities



  • Integrated program for population control of stray animals and animals belonging to low-income families, through mass sterilization in partnership with municipalities;
  • Adoption program;
  • Education program through which we seek to raise awareness and educate our children and young people on issues like abandonment and the value of respect for animal life;
  • Information campaigns on responsible pet ownership;
  • Workshops and training activities, in partnership with Change For Animals Foundation (CFAF), for veterinarians and animal protection organizations who intend to start with the TNR method.

Population control and intervention program

  • Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programmes in partnership with several Portuguese municipalities: organized trapping of the animals (using specialized equipment), sterilization, treatment in case of pre-existing pathologies, ear-tipping (marking with a small cut on the tip of the left ear, the internationally sign of a sterilized animal) and subsequent release into the territory of origin, where the animals will continue to be monitored and fed. Docile animals and babies are, whenever possible, placed in Foster Families waiting for responsible adoption.
  • Food and veterinary support for animals living with homeless people and low-income families and that are, often, the only source of their companionship and affection. We develop this work in partnership with municipalities and other institutions of social solidarity.


A Portuguese society where animals are seen as a valuable part of community.


Provide national and local authorities, institutions and communities with the knowledge, resources, capacity and desire to improve animal welfare and ensure their needs are actively met.


All our resources will be used having animal interest and welfare as our first priority;

All our policies and decisions will be guided by strict ethical principles;

All our interventions will value the individual welfare of each animal;

All our interactions with any person, group, community, organization or authority will be respectful and cooperative;

All our volunteers and staff will incorporate the Animais de Rua’s values.